Easter Bonnet

Well done to all the pupils who participated in the Easter Bonnet Parade yesterday. There were some fabulous creations and a lot of children used the marine environment as their inspiration. Congratulations to all the boys and girls who won most creative and best use of recycled materials.

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Easter Bonnet Parade ~ ASD Class

Siluan, Lorchán, Thomas, Ciarán, Michael and Seán had so much fun today taking part in the Easter Bonnet Parade. They loved wearing their beautiful bonnets and parading together on the stage. Well done boys! You were excellent as always.

A Visit to Harold’s Cross Bridge and Portobello Bridge by 5th Class Room 6

We developed a number of questions and put them on clip boards.
In our research we discovered that there are a number of types of bridges including arch bridges and beam bridges.
We observed that Harold’s Cross Bridge is an arch shaped bridge
while Portobello Bridge is beam shaped.
Portobello Bridge has a lock. The ropes can be released to open
the lock gates and increase the water levels and allow boats through.

IZAK 9 – Fourth Class

Fourth class have been using IZAK 9 this year to help improve their maths and problem solving skills. IZAK 9 is a large cube that is made up of 27 smaller individual cubes that can be arranged and rearranged in different ways in order to solve a variety of problems. It is great fun and helps us to learn. Here are some photos of our class with their IZAK 9 kits.-