Which Butter/Margarine Will Go Off First? by 5th Class Room 6


We investigated which butter or margarine would go off first.
Zip lock bags
(Pure homemade butter, Dairy gold butter, Dairy gold Original
Flora, Low Low, Benecol, Heavenly Buttery, Stork margarine)

Our Hypothesis
Pure butter will go off first because it has no preservatives.
Dairy gold original will go off second.
All other products should go off around the same time.

Method (Fair Test)
1. All butter/margarine products were purchased together in the same shop .
2 We used the same spoon.
3 One person conducted the experiment.
Using a spoon he/she took out butter and placed it into a zip-lock bag.
4 The same quantity of each product was placed in the zip-lock bag.

After 2 weeks pure butter went off – Black mold is growing on the pure butter.
After 4 months – February 20th 2018 none of the margarine’s have gone off.
Our Hypothesis is correct so far. Well done!