RDS Primary Science Fair 2017

Today we were at the RDS Primary Science Fair 2017.We were brought to a room filled with tables and titles of projects standing above. Mr Harte took out our boards and placed them underneath the title. We were put into different groups with different shift times. Our group had the first shift, there weren’t much people at first but the people that came liked our project. When our shift ended we went to see the science show but then left to go see the robot wars and saw some epic battles between epic ground robots. After that we went to the safe driving cars stand where we were told not to drink while driving. Then we came back to look at other primary school’s projects, the one that caught our eyes was the one with the question “which is the best material for making roller coasters?” They  found out that wood was the best material for making to make roller coasters. After that we went to do our second shift, the shift started like normal until the judge came. We didn’t think she would come so early, we were surprised at first but that didn’t stop us. We showed her our project and tested her on her. The tests worked and she told us what to improve, overall we thought she liked it. The shift changed and we were free to move around the RDS. First we went to the Nokia stall in the technology section where a light bulb with a glass barrier surrounding it caught our eyes. But the reason the light bulb caught our eyes was that it was floating with no strings!!! The man told us that the light bulb was floating because their was a magnetic force holding it up and the magnetic force gave it power to create light. Next we went down to look at the business stalls to look around but ended up getting free stuff and entering compatition. We went back to our stall and straight away Mr Harte sent us to go have lunch. After lunch we had our 3rd shift, the shift felt shorter now that we new that the judge had already came. We were aloud to go free again so we just roamed around the place and did things we already did. Finally our 4th and final shift arrived it was more crowded than all the other shifts. We explained to many and they liked it, our report arrived and ​a plaque for participating. The judge seemed very impressed. After we finished reading our results we were able to move around again. We went straight to the 3D cinema to watch a movie about the universe. There was a man,  who told us and showed us the international space station. He also showed us what comits are and how they worked. He also showed us some of the other stars in the galaxy an their comparison to the sun. At the end we went back to the stall and we got our stuff and went to the bus. Over all we had a fantastic day.

By Luke Shannon and Antoine Foudy

Our report