Healthy breakfast and snack ideas

Nourishing breakfasts and snacks are essential fuel for our bodies during the cold winter days. Clicking on the link below will lead you to some easy and fun snacks. The common denominator of all these snacks is that they are sugar free!!! 

Some healthy snacks include:

  • Rainbow fruit kabobs
  • Healthy no bake snack bars
  • Green frog pops
  • Favorite toast toppings: fruit faces, avocado boats, peanut-butter banana toast, hawaiian pizza toast, fresh tomato and mozzarella cheese


Click here for some breakfast ideas ‘Raspberry and oat breakfast pot’ / ‘banana oat pot’ and see below for an insight into future healthy recipes I will be sharing.

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Interesting ways to enhance the nutritional and taste factor of our porridge/granola/cereal breakfasts are as follows:

  • Add some banana/apricot/blueberries/raspberries on top
  • Add stewed rhubarb/apple
  • Add toasted pecans/macadamia nuts/almonds
  • Add coconut milk/hazelnut milk/almond milk instead of your usual milk
  • Add a tablespoon of milled seeds such as chia, flax, linseed, goji berry