Freddy Buttons Winning Bookmark!

Olga Nasonova Honey

To celebrate the launch of the new Freddy Buttons series of books from Irish author Fiona Dillon, Glenisk are invited primary school children the country over to design a bookmark for Freddy Buttons!

Olga in sixth class won the overall prize in her age group. Congratulations to Olga and St. Clare’s on this great accomplishment. Olga won a personal prize and also a day out for the whole of her class to visit Bloom on the 28th of May.

Freddy Buttons is a fictional character who lives in Tumbledown Cottage with his parents. In their garden at Tumbledown, they grow lots of food. Freddy features in a new series of six books, each with a different food theme.

The winners are announced on the Glenisk Website.

Check out the Bloom Website.