The special German class

Today two German teachers came in and their names were Peter and Anna. They said they were going to some fun activities with the German students. First we introduced ourselfs, then they showed us lots of new places in Germany.

tiff infomation

We played a matching game with food flashcards.

After that we did a crossword with all the new German words we learned.

And then we got some cool wristbands.

Next we filled out a sheet for bingo.

We also got great vocabulary badges. 

What other people thought:

‘It was great fun’ – Dan

‘I really enjoyed it and I thought it was awesome’ -Patrick

‘It was great and it was really fun’ -Leah

‘It was very interesting and we learned some new vocabulary’ -Peter

‘It was so interesting and it’s a great way to learn about Germany and some new German words’ -Eva

‘I really enjoyed it, and Anna and Peter are great teachers. I learned some new German words”-Emma