Paper Helicopters

In room 10 we decided to experiment with energy and forces. We each made two paper helicopters using a simple template.

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    What we need-

  • Paper Helicopter Template.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper Clips.
  • Ruler.

With our paper helicopters made we then measured the length of the blades, we wanted to have one helicopter with long blades and one helicopter with short blades. we discovered that our long blade helicopters flew longer and further than our short blade helicopters, this is because of the force and energy pushing up against the blades.

We also experimented dropping the helicopters from different heights- We noticed that the higher up from the ground that we released the helicopter, the further it flew and the longer it took to reach the ground.

Finally, we tried to change another variable and we added one or two paper clips onto the stem of our helicopter. This changed the weight of our helicopters and the results showed that this made the helicopters fly even faster.