My Sound Project

What is Sound? sound is vibrations.

sound and vibrations can travel through many different materials.

  • Sound can travel through solids, like metal, stone or wood.
  • Sound can travel through liquids, like water.
  • Sound can travel through gasses, like air.

Sound can travel better through some materials than others.

For Example,

  • Sound vibrations travel very well along metal pipes.

Pitch of a Sound

The pitch of a sound is how or low the sound is.

A high sound has a high pitch and a low sound has a low pitch.

  • A short string gives a higher-pitched than a long string when they are plucked.
  • A tight drum skin gives a higher-pitched sound than a loose drum skin.

Loud Sound

  • A recorder blown hard makes a loud sound.
  • A guitar plucked hard makes a loud sound.
  • A pianos keys pressed hard makes a loud sound.

Soft Sound

  • A recorder blown gently makes a soft sound.
  • A guitar plucked gently makes a soft sound.
  • a pianos keys pressed gently makes a soft sound.

Sound vibrations

Sound can’t travel through a completely empty space  (a vacuum), which has nothing, not even air, in it. If there is a vacuum between a sound-making object and our ears, we won’t be able to hear the sound.