Growing seeds in Junior Infants

We did an experiment, over one week, to see if seeds need water and light to grow and survive.
Our Equipment
• Three cups
• Cotton wool
• Water
• Cress seeds
• Camera
Our Prediction
We think that the seeds without water and the seeds without light will not grow. We think that the seeds with water and sunlight will grow.
Our Method
We put two cups of cress seeds on the windowsill, we watered one of them each day and did not water the other.
We hid other seeds away from sunlight in the corner of our book shelf.
We watered the control plant and the plant on the bookshelf every day.
We took photographs as the experiment progressed.
The Result
The seeds without water did not grow.
The seeds without sunlight did not grow.
Control: The plant with water and sunlight grew in one week.

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