6th Class Reaction Testing.

We decided to test reactions for our latest Science project. How fast our reaction speeds are and if there are differences with age, gender etc?

We marked a ruler using  a template between 0.01  up to 0.25 seconds.

One person held the ruler on top while the person being tested had the 0.00 mark between their thumb and forefinger.

The person holding  the ruler drops and the the person being tested has to try to catch it.

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We recorded the scores as a time in seconds

Class Average

The very first part was to test everybody and get a class average.

We found that  our class average was 0.22sec

class average


We also looked to see how many were faster or slower than the class average we found


56% were Faster than average

36% were slower than average

8% were exactly average

Gender differences/Gender Averages

For the boys (15 of them) their average speed was 0.24sec.

40% were faster than average

53% were slower than average

7% were exactly average

Boys avg

For the girls (10 of them) the average speed was 0.20 sec

30% were faster than average

50% were slower than average

20%  were exactly average.

Girls average


Reaction Times across the school.

We looked at reaction times for boys and girls from age 5 to 13 across the school.
From the data we have collected we have found out that as you get older your reaction times get faster. In our graph it shows that the eleven year olds had a faster time then the twelve year olds. We collected information from the ages of of 4 years olds to 12 year olds. We tested them five times each then found the average times for each age group.