Senior Infants: Room 3 investigated the quantity of sugar in cereals.


Over one week we recorded the cereals eaten by each child each day.

Then we correlated the data and listed the cereals used.


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Using a balancing scales we checked how many spoons of sugar in a

bowl of each of the cereals.


We were shocked at the results!!!!

Some children were eating 11 spoons of sugar each morning.

Coco Pops had the most spoons of sugar per bowl at 11 spoons, while Weetabix and Porridge had the least spoons of sugar at 1/2 a spoon per bowl.


We think that cereal boxes should show the number of spoons of sugar

per bowl rather than grams per 100 mls.

Then we would not eat the cereals with so much spoons of sugar in the morning.