Heart Rate (bpm)

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Today in second class we all monitored our heart rate with the heart rate monitor.

Our hearts are pumping at a regular rate. This pumping can be felt by placing fingers across the pulse point at the wrist or the neck, and the rate can be counted. An adult’s heart rate is around 70 beats per minute, and a child’s is a bit higher. Heart rate increases with exercise so that more of the oxygen carried in the blood can reach the muscles. The fitter you are, the quicker your heart rate returns to normal.

BPM stands for beats per minute.

Click on the link and you can see a graph showing Jakub’s Heart Rate

This link shows Jakub and Ava’s Heart Rate. Ava’s heart rate was around 92 bpm and Jakub’s was around 73bpm.

We hope to do some exercise tomorrow and monitor our heart rates after. They should be higher than they were today!