Investigating Thermal Conductors

Pupils from 4th and 6th class have been investigating the effects of heat.

Here are the recordings of one of these students:

Last week I did an experiment about heat.
A thermal conductor is something that lets heat pass through it.
My investigation was to find out which material the best thermal conductor.

The materials I tested were:
• wool
• plastic
• metal
• wood

The other equipment I needed was:
• 4 mugs
• kettle
• water
• butter
• pasta
• spoon

I predicted that metal would be the best thermal conductor.
This was correct because the butter and pasta melted on the knife the quickest.
I noticed that when the butter fell in the water it changed into liquid. I also noticed that the wool was the only material to absorb water.

A note from Ms. Ni Dhalaigh:

If you would like to carry out this investigation at home make sure you have an adult to help you with the hot water. Be very careful!