1916 Easter Rising Walking Tour

On the day of the walking tour we had to be in school at eight thirty am. We crossed the road over to the bus stop across the road from the school. We took the bus to the Bank Of Ireland building were we got of and walked over to Trinity College. After a few minutes we met our tour guide, Lorcan. First he gave us a copy of The Proclamation Of Independence and pictures of all of the leaders. Before we left Trinity College Lorcan told us that Trinity College was set up by Protestants in 1592 and for two hundred years it didn’t let Catholics attend the college.  Although Protestants let Catholics go to the college after two hundred years the Catholic Church didn’t agree with Catholics attending the college that was set up by Protestants and it took another 200 hundred years for big groups of Catholics to attend Trinity College. He then told us that the Bank of Ireland was the Old Parliament until it was taken out of Ireland with the Act of Union in 1801. He told us that there was a window tax so the Bank of Ireland has no windows an old saying came out of  the window tax,Lorcan said ‘Daylight Robbery’ was the saying. Lorcan then brought us up to Pearce Street where Padraig and Willy Pearce were born. He also showed us a building that the British army had files on the I.R A after 1916 wich Michael Collins broke into with two I.R.A members. From there he brought us onto the Rosie Hackett Bridge where we had a very good view of Liberty Hall. Liberty Hall has 16 floors above basement, one for each leader executed in 1916. The Rosie Hackett Bridge was named after Rosie Hackett who took part in the 1916 Easter Rising and the 1913 Dublin Lockout. He also showed us Isaac Butt Bridge. Isaac Butt died when he was 66 years old. He was an Irish Barrister and a M.P (member of Parliament). We then went to O’Connell Street to look at Daniel O’Connell’s statue. On his statue there are four angels or Nike, one standing for Patriotism, Elegance, Courage sand Fidelity. We walked down O’Connell Street to the statue of Jim Larkin who was a Labour Party leader. There he told us about about Rob Grey who brought clean drinking water into the tenements. We walked further down O’Connell Street to the G.P.O where he told us at the start of the rising the people in the G.P.O smashed all the windows and went down into the basement and got ledgers and blocked up the windows with them. He told us about Michael O’Reilly who wrote a love letter to his family on Moore Street. Moore Street was where six of the leaders of The 1916 Easter Rising surrendered. Before Lorcan left he said to us all ‘don’t do drugs’. After that Mr.Kelly brought us down Moore Street. We had a very nice time on the tour.