Handwashing training in Room 9

On Wednesday a nurse from the Hospice called Libby came to visit our class. She read a story to us about a girl called Janey. We all had to say “Janey, wash your hands!” when she got her hands dirty or sticky, after she was playing in the garden, after she went to the toilet, when she petted her pet poodle and before she ate something. Libby taught us how to wash our hands properly and she gave us fake germs to put on our hands. Then she showed us a glow box. We all put our hands, one by one, in the glow box and saw white lights on our hands, which were the fake germs. When everyone had put their hands in the glow box, we went out to wash our hands to see if we could wash off the fake germs. After that we put our hands back in the glow box to see if we had washed off all of the germs. Libby showed us the places on our hands where we get most germs on a big poster, so that we know the important parts of our hands to wash. Before she left, Libby gave us each a little cartoon germ to remind us to wash our hands and a certificate to say that we have successfully completed our handwashing training.

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