Science Exhibition Plan 2014

Science Exhibition Plan

  • Notify teachers and classes about the exhibition.

  • Notify parents by notes and texts.

  • Arrange times for classes to enter the hall.

  •   Arrange a space for each class to setup experiment.

  •   Make sure each class has an experiment.

  •   Classes from Junior Infants to First Class can see the bug hotels.

  •   Two classes at once with 15 minutes in the hall.

  •  Arrange for sixth class to help with the exhibition.

  •   Arrange for sixth class to make posters.

  •   Arrange roles for sixth class pupils, people standing at the stand, people taking pictures, people assisting the juniors, people at the bug hotels, people showing parents around, people doing surveys, people doing the rockets and people making sure each class has their experiment setup.

  • As well as having an exhibition in the hall children can come out to the playground and watch us set off vinegar rockets



  • We will also allow the children to come out to the courtyard and see out bug hotels we have four bug hotels in different locations. Bug hotels are pieces of wood or branches and stones that bugs live in.We hope to fine some interesting bugs like earwigs and spiders.

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We organized a time-table arranging for every class with 15 minutes in the hall.

v    11:00 v    Room 7 v    Pre-School
v    11:15 v    Room 8 v    Room 1
v    11:30 v    Room 6 v    Room 2
v    11:45 v    Room 12 v    Room 3
v    12:00 v    Room 11 v    Room 4
v    12:15 v    Room 10 v    Room 9


ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!