Wake Up Shake Up & Our Heart Rates.

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This morning in second class we before our Wake Up Shake Up we tested four children’s heart rates using the heart rate monitor. After the Wake Up Shake we tested them again to see if there was any change in their heart rates. The heart rate monitor told us how many times their heart beat per minute (bpm)

Here are the results:

Scott                  Before exercise 88bpm

                              After exercise 166bpm

Eoin                    Before exercise 89bpm

                              After exercise 139bpm 

Robyn                Before exercise 95bpm

                               After exercise 143bpm

Ella                        Beforre exercise 125bpm

                                After exercise 178bpm

We found out that your heart changes after exercise. It beats faster. Robyn had a high heart rate before exercise and we know this was because she was nervous and excited about using the heart rate monitor even though she didn’t look it!!

For the next few weeks we are hoping to use the heart rate monitor before and after wake up shake up every morning.

Here are graphs to show our results

Heart Before             Heart After Exercise