Forces in Room 12

We investigated forces in Room 12. First of all we discussed the difference between a push force and a pull force. We also discussed friction. Friction is a force that slows things down. We came up with examples of push, pull and friction forces we use everyday in the classroom.

We then discussed how forces can be measured using a Newton Meter. The Newton Meter reads how much PULL force it takes to make something move and it is measured in Newtons (N).

We worked in pairs and investigated how much pull force was needed for our partner’ s runner. We also investigated the following objects around the classroom;

A chair: 8.5 Nscience 002

A dictionary: 1.5 Nscience 001

The crayon box: 0.5 Nscience 003

A school bag: 9.5 N

The school bag needed the MOST pull force while the crayon box needed the LEAST.