Senior Infants, Room 4, Exploring Plants

Do plants really drink water?

Questioning: Before we planted some seeds, we wanted to find out if plants really do drink water to survive. To check this, we carried out an experiment. These were the steps we used to carry out our experiment.

1. Fill 2 jars with water.
2. Put red food colouring in one jar and green food colouring in the other jar.
3. Place celery sticks in the jars.
4. Leave overnight.

Before we started our experiment, we predicted what would happen. We figured that if plants drink water, this must mean that the celery would drink this coloured water too. We hypothesised after lots of discussion that the celery would turn red and green because of the food colouring.

The next day, we observed what had happened to the celery. The celery had turned green and red, even at the top! We noticed that the water had travelled upwards through the celery.

Our conclusion was that plants really do drink water and they need it to survive. Without the food colouring, we cannot see the water as it is transparent, so the food colouring helped us see how this works.

We then planted our own seeds in the classroom.Each day, we watered them and we learned a song about plants:

I see you are a seed,
Tell me what do you need,
I need some soil to grow,
And then the sun to glow,
Water to make me wet,
Air for my leaves to get,
Space for my roots to spread,
And now I am a plant.


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