Scratch is a software programme that lets you create games and animations. Greg Ryan who is a software engineer from HP came into us every Wednesday for 10 weeks and taught us how to programme in Scratch.

The first week that he came in he talked to us about his job and what he does. He told us that he would be teaching us about computer programming. When we went down into the computer room we split into partners and started to do a small programme. We learned about the different controls and the positions of the stage. It was hard at first but after a bit you got to know where all the different positions are.

In Scratch there are sprites (which are the characters) and there liv on stage. The sprites can move and talk on the stage. There are loads of different sprites to use, but you can also design your own sprite. You can also choose a background for the stage or create one yourself. I downloaded Scratch on my laptop at home so I could explore SCRATCH every day and not just in school on Wednesdays.

When it was getting to the end of the 10 weeks Greg told us that we were going to be doing a project with our partners we were in. We could either do a game or an animation. My partner and I did an animation. It was about people in a talent show. Most of the people in the class did an animation.

We learned a lot about Scratch and the way it works as the weeks went on. 5th class was very lucky that Greg came into our class and we really enjoyed it. Scratch was very interesting and fun and I would have liked to do it for another 10 weeks. I’m still doing it at home because I enjoy doing different things.