Art Exhibition: Junior Infants, Room 2

Art Exhibition & Listenening and Responding 002

Yesterday we exhibited some of our wonderful pieces of art in the hall for all of our parents to see.

We learned about an American artist called Georgia O’Keeffe. Her bright, colourful paintings inspired many female artists to follow their dreams and share their art with the world.

We looked at some of her paintings of flowers, like ‘Red Poppy‘, ‘White Flower on Read Earth‘ and ‘Hibiscus with Plumeria‘. Then we painted out own flowers.

We hope our parents enjoyed seeing our masterpieces!

Art Exhibition & Listenening and Responding 003

Embassy Letters – 4th Class

We told you a couple of weeks ago that we were each completing a project on a country from the EU for our Blue Star project. We also told you that each of us wrote a letter to the embassy of the country we were completing our project on. We have been getting post every day for the last few days. It has been so exciting!!

Adam received mail from the Portuguese Embassy

Chris received mail from the Lithuanian Embassy

Olga received mail from the Greek Embassy

Eve received mail from the Bulgarian Embassy

Gabriel received mail from the Czech Republic Embassy

Noel received an email from the Luxembourg Embassy

Alison received mail from the Belgian Embassy

Anna received mail from the Italian Embassy

Florjet received mail from the Maltese Embassy

Lauryn received mail from the British Embassy

Scott received mail from the German Embassy

Enri received mail from the Hungarian Embassy

We hope everyone else in our class receives mail from their embassies over the next few days!

Maths Trail – 4th Class

In 4th class we completed a maths trail. We had great fun! We were given a list of maths questions and we had to use our school environment to find the answers. We were asked questions like

What is the width of the school pitch?

What is the length of the school pitch?

What is the perimeter of the school pitch? 

Estimate how many giant steps there are between the two basketball posts.

Calculate how many red bricks are in the wall in the playground.

We used equipment like trundle wheels and metre sticks. We had great fun and we were completing maths work at the same time!


Show and Tell 2nd Class Room 11

Today we had a ‘Show and Tell’ in our class. We got to bring in something that is special to us and that we love to play with at home. In class we showed our special item to the whole class and told everyone why it is special, and why we like playing with it.

Many of us have teddy bears and other cuddly toys which are special to us. Many of our special items were presents we received from family and friends. We are all very lucky to have such lovely toys to play with at home.

Languages – 4th Class

4th Class Rm 8 232 (WinCE)

Our class have many children who speak different languages in their homes. Yesterday they treated us to a language lesson! Bhavish is from Mauritius he taught is how to say hello in French – BONJOUR! Florjet is from Albania and he taught us how to say hello in Albanian – PERSHENDETJE! Dominic and Sean are from the Philippines and they taught us how to say hello in Philippino – KAMUSTA! Patrick is also from the Philippines but he speaks a different type of Philippino – MABUHAY! Olga is from Russia and she taught us how to say hi in Russian – PRIVET! Trofim and Marcian are from Moldova and they taught us how to say hello in Moldovan – BUNA! Florin and Gabriel are from Romania and they speak the same language as Trofim and Marcian but with a different accent.

Bhavish also knew how to say Hello in Italian – CIAO! Dominic was also able to tell us how to say hello in Korean – ANN YEONG HAS EYO!

We know how to say hello in Irish too – DIA DUIT!

We really enjoyed learning all these different ways to say hello!!

Here are the children who taught us:

clip_image001 clip_image003 clip_image005 clip_image007 clip_image009 clip_image011 clip_image013 clip_image015 clip_image017 clip_image019clip_image0214th Class Profiles 008 (WinCE) 4th Class Rm 8 021 (Small) (WinCE)

Here are the flags from the different countries:


Philippines              South Korea            France                   Mauritius


Italy                      Albania                Romania                 Moldova


Russia               United Kingdom      Ireland

Our Target Stars – 4th Class 2013

Our class wrote targets for 2013 on what we will try to improve on for the next term. We had to write a target for English, Gaeilge, Maths and Behaviour.

We had targets like:

  • “To improve my writing by using more adjectives”
  • “To learn all  my tables off by heart”
  • “To improve my gaeilge vocabulary”
  • “To listen carefully to instructions”


4th Class Rm 8 (WinCE)

Blue Star Programme – 4th Class


We are taking part in a European project called the Blue Star Programme. At the moment we are completing the Geography strand of the project and 6th class are completing the History strand of the project. Everyone in our class got a country that is part of the European Union. Everyone got a country  I Flori got Malta and Cathal got Sweden . At the moment we are writing letters to the embassies of our countries in Ireland. We found the addresses of the embassies on the internet and learned how to address envelopes, we hope to post them on Friday! We are hoping that in June we receive a Blue Star flag after we complete our projects.