Fair Trade

This week in 6th class we learned about fair trade. We learned about where a lot of our food comes from. We also learned that the farmers that produce the ingredients often don’t get the money they deserve for their work. Some farmers can try to get more money by increasing the price they sell their produce at but then often the companies  won’t buy their produce anymore so the farmers cannot buy food for themselves. The organisation called Fair trade ensures that the farmers receive a fair amount of money. However, these fair trade products are a little more expensive than the normal ones that are not fair trade. We also learned that the farmers only get 2 pence out of £1.04 for each bag of sugar . We also leaned that everyone has the power to change this by buying fair trade products more often, then the companies may change and pay the farmers more than what they pay them now.

This is the fair trade logo you should look out for.