Christmas in Room 10

We are all very excited about Christmas, we have done lots of activities to prepare for it. We really enjoyed making our Christmas village and our Christmas trees. They took a lot of hard work but we think they look great! We made a very special Advent calendar, every day we cover another number on Santa’s beard.  Take a look at the picture! We also drew chalk and crayon Winter pictures.

Mrs. Spring gave each class a very special calendar too, it is a lovely Advent calendar. Each day, we open one window, we talk about the nice picture and one person reads the prayer for that day. We really enjoy doing our Advent calendars each day.

We had a very special visitor to our school last week; Santa dropped off lots of bags of magical reindeer food! We have been buying the bags each day to sprinkle outside our houses so that on Christmas Eve, the reindeer will have enough energy to bring Santa to each child’s house around the world.