Summer Concert 2012

On Thursday the 21st of June 2012. We had a summer concert. Every class would sing or do a play chosen by their teacher. The concert started at 7:30 pm and ended at 9:30 pm. This year there was no interval. Every year there is a raffle. The prizes were hampers.Everyone enjoyed the concert so much and they all had very nice comments about the  concert.Junior Infants did Welcome everyone and Boa constrictor. Senior Infants, First class & Second class did the play The Owl and the Pussy Cat. Senior Infants also sang Caterwaul and Who’s gonna’save us now. First class sang My owl has flown away, Really good to see you my dear and Owl- Cat. Second class sang That cat and that bird, Life on the ocean waves, Chorus of disapproval and Little hotel by the sea . Third class sang Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and Chim Chim Cherree. Fourth class My Favourite things and The Haka the also played Scarborough Fair, The Drunken Sailor and Nelly the Elephant on their recorders. Fifth class did The life of Katie Taylor. Sixth class did Extracts from the Wizard of Oz and  the songs We’re off to see the wizard, If I only had a brain and Somewhere over the rainbow. The orchestra did Skip to the Loo and Old Joe Clarke and the choir did Hear the wind and Good-bye. Everyone enjoyed the night!