Sending Postcards to Germany

Our class sent 22 postcards of the scenes of Dublin and the Irish countryside to a school in Berlin called Quentin Blake Grundschule.The school is in an area of Berlin called  Zehlendorf.We loved writing the postcards. It was gteat fun!      Here is what I wrote on my postcard:

Guten Tag,  Ich heisse Sophie. Ich bin 9 Jahre alt.Ichwohne in Dublin.Ich mag Deutsch.What is your name?Do you have any brothers or sisters? We have an Easter tree in our school.Please wtite back and tell me all about Germany.

This is what Marta wrote on her postcard.

Hallo! Ich heisse Marta.Ich bin 10. Ich wohne in Dublin aber ich komme aus Polen.We are learning a lot about Germany from Frau Redmond.I have a pet dog called Snowy.Do you have any pets?

An example of another postcard

Hallo! Ich heisse Ellen.Ich bin 9 Jahre alt.Ich wohne in Dublin.Wie heisst du?I play the violin.I find it fun.Do you like learning English.I love learning German. Bye.   Auf Wiedersehen!