First Class: Signs of Spring – Greenwave project 2012

This Spring, our class (Room 9) and Ms. Killen’s’ 1st class are doing the Greenwave Signs of Spring project. We have to look out for certain signs: horse chestnut tree buds, swallows back from hotter countries, the primrose flower, the leaf buds on the the ash tree, the hawthorn tree and finally frogspawn in our pond. This is a long list and we have already started our search. On Thursday 24th of February, we went on our first Spring Nature Walk. Below are pictures of some of the things we saw. We had great fun!

The second part of the project that we have to do, is measure the wind speed, the temperature and the amount of rainfall. On Monday 27th of February, we made an anemometer: this is the instrument used to measure how fast the wind is blowing. We had a great time making it and cannot wait to put it to the test! Along

with Ms. Killen’s’ class, we will be taking our results every day/week. Soon we will know all about Spring!